songs on repeat: “Girlfriend” by Eric’s Trip

Often my greatest moments of nostalgia aren’t from songs I loved and listened to, but from ones I didn’t know well – the songs I had heard but didn’t pay much attention to at the time. These songs give me a sense of atmosphere – a feeling of the time rather than a specific memory.

“Girlfriend” by Eric’s Trip is one of those songs. A little over a year ago, we found it again while following link after link of Canadian alternative songs from the 90s on YouTube. I’ve listened to it almost daily since then.

The moment I heard “Girlfriend” I was immersed in nostalgia, an immediate reminder of how it felt to be my teenaged self – driving aimlessly in my best friend’s Gremlin, drinking slurpees and listening to CFNY, hanging out in parking lots and playgrounds, feeling like every song we heard was describing our lives.

Leanne, 1994.

Ever since I started drumming along with songs, this has been in my rotation. I’ve even bought a second, live version on itunes because I could hear the drums better in that one.

There’s something about this song that that draws me in. I can’t explain exactly what. The sound is raw and a little messy (which I like), and the words are more than a little creepy.

For as much as I love “Girlfriend” now, I find it funny that I only vaguely remember it from my teenage years, especially since I’m sure I saw Eric’s Trip play back in 1994 or ’95 at the X-Club in Hamilton. I wonder… does anybody out there remember that place? It was at an old bar in downtown Hamilton – my first taste of nightlife, grimy clubs, and loud bands at small venues. I went there often for all-ages night to see local and Canadian bands – some amazing performances. It was THE coolest. I’m so grateful I got to experience it (and also that my parents let me go).

When I close my eyes and listen to this song I can almost picture myself back there.

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  1. Cool song! I laughed at the video. I love that kind of sound too. Its “grittty”. Reminds me of some of the bands back in the late 80s around Kent State in Ohio that I used to go hear. Yes -GREAT memories!! :) Thanks Leanne!!

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